Crazy about Keychains

There have occasionally been home-produced keychains offered for sale at online auctions, so it is not wise to assume that every single one is genuine. It is unlikely that the collector would be fooled into buying a fake as the sellers are usually honest enough to state any doubts they may have about authenticity in their descriptions.

It is difficult to tell if a keychain is factory-made just by looking at a photograph of the loose (unbagged) article. Many keychains have the PlaymobilŪ logo printed on their back as proof, but when this trademark is absent authentication can be a little less easy.

One thing I have noticed is that the chains and ring attachments used have varied over the years. Many of my older keychains have a chunkier chain with a large ring and flip-opening catch. I now find this common factor is a good indicator of authenticity when combined with the age of the item.



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