So you want to collect Playmobil® keychains...

And now you're probably looking for more information about them. It would be only fair to tell you - before fully committing yourself to the task - that it will be nearly impossible to obtain a complete Playmobil® keychain collection. If only someone had warned me about the difficulties of obtaining vintage keychains and the highly competitive nature of rival collectors (i.e. crazy bidding wars on eBay), I probably would never have started collecting them.

When I began my quest back in December 2001, there was no single website or book containing a comprehensive list of every officially-released keychain, but since then Axel Hennel has made a fine attempt in successive issues of his Playmobil® Collector book. It is by no means a complete catalogue, but it is a very useful starting point for anyone contemplating beginning a collection of this type.

Keychain Catalogue

This section contains photos of keychains from my collection, however there are still many, many more in existence. To the best of my knowledge, they are all factory-produced keychains.

I have tried to arrange the keychains in something resembling a chronological order, but this is difficult because I have very little reference to indicate when some of them were released.

Click on the images below to browse each section.

Tips for Keychain Collectors

Over the years I have made some personal observations on collecting. These include the topics outlined below.

How can you tell how old they are?

Where can I get some from?

Is it possible to spot a fake?

Promotional Items
Why do some have special writing on the back?

Market Variations
What are the differences between countries?

Just how many of these blasted things are there?!