Image Archive

Take a trip down memory lane with this pictorial history of Just For Klicks.
This page contains a gallery of all the images which have been used on the site's homepage, from the very beginning to the present day.

Joint Project

At the Tate
Three 60s chicks visit the famous London art gallery

De Warrens' World

David's creative talent and love of history combine to take customizing Playmobil® to a whole new level.

How I was Captured by Playmobil Soldiers!
The true story of one man's utter downfall (8 pages)

American War of Independence Series
North Carolina Infantryman | New York Infantryman | 26th Foot Regiment, Cameronians | 1st Foot Guards, later Grenadier Guards | Grenadier, Regiment von Ditfurth, Hessen-Kassel | Hessen-Kassel Rifleman

Prussian VIth Dragoons
Mounted soldiers from the era of Frederick the Great

Prussian 8th Foot Regiment
18th c. Regiment von Queiß

British Grenadiers
Soldiers from various regiments between 1751-1768

British Napoleonic Infantry
Men of varying rank from C Company

French Infantry 1812
Battalion Company, Light Infantry, Grenadier Pioneer, and Grenadier Company

A Small Town in Nassau
Soldiers occupying a castle in Germany, including a special page devoted to the Nassau Drummer

The Patch Brothers
A gang of pirates who share a common ancestor

Go-Go Girls
Groovy 60s nightclub workers in sexy hotpants

Land of the Orgs
Fantasy creatures from another world

Playmotart's Patch

From dreamlike fantasy to gritty realism - take a walk on J4K's wild side with Sylvia.

The First Thanksgiving
17th c. Pilgrims in Plymouth, New England

Flying High
Female aviator figure inspired by Amelia Earhart

PlaymoFriends' Surprise Gifts
Mascot figures given away to members during the forum's 1st birthday celebrations

Naughty or Nice?
With a helper like this, Santa probably wouldn't get all of his presents delivered...

A taste of the tropics which will bring colour to your day!

Playboy® Bunny Girl
Bonnie will fulfill your every wish and desire....

Cupid and Psyche
Custom figures based on the characters from Greek mythology

Trailer Trash
Rejected design proposal found amongst Geobra's garbage at Playmobil® headquarters